Terry Large is a technologist, writer, humorist and otherwise a nice man. He grew up traveling the United States and England when his father was in the Air Force. Having lived in many places he has come to realize that every place is special and the people are essentially the same all over the world. Terry also was in the Air Force during the Vietnam war as a cryptographic technician. (The secret stuff he repaired during his enlistment is no longer being used. In fact you can see that equipment on the NSA website in their "history" section.

Upon his honorable discharge he attended college, receiving his BA in Psychology. He worked 10 years at a community mental health center in central California. In the 1980's he started a computer business that still in operational to a limited degree. He still has a few clients that he first did work for 30 years ago.

He also spent a few years teaching in the public schools. He currently teaches college as an adjunct instructor. His full time job is as a Network Administrator and has completed the Cisco Academy for his CCNA.

He has written two short Kindle books for children. While the stories are worthwhile in and of themselves, it was done to learn the process of making a Kindle book. He does have plans to write more children stories, but he also wants to write the novel that has been floating around his head for decades.


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